About Deutsch Land SV Dog Training History

Our Mission :
Made German Shepherd Dog Breed and German Shepherd Puppies in German Standard and Provide the best Dog Training ever in Malaysia in a Cost effective manner with complete satisfaction.

Our Vision :
Be the best German Shepherd Dog breeder in Asia to provide good blood line breeds to our valueable customers across nations.

Dog for Sales in Malaysia :
German Shepherd dogs for sale in Malaysia just a door step ahead. We always go to germany and visit our dogs before buy the dog. We will also check Hips, Legs, Parents of the Dogs, and how did they brought up in Germany. Then we decide whether to buy or not to buy. Before we buy the high quality dogs and expensive dogs, we also call the Local veterinary Doctor in Germany and request for a thorough check.

Each dog has his own run and never comes in direct contact with other dogs. All runs are concrete floored, cement walled inside and chain link outside. There is no dirt! No gravel! No wood! With excellent ventilation and ceiling fans, which provide plenty of Fresh Cool Air!

Pet Transport Requirements Whether transporting your pet domestically or overseas, there are three main concerns that you need to consider. At Deutsch Land our job to help you meet each of these relocation concerns.

Search & Rescue
Air-scenting search dogs are trained to scan the air currents for human scent, any human scent. The dog locates the source of the scent and indicates the "find" to the handler. Air-scent search dogs do not use scent articles and can be deployed immediately in hasty searches, running paths, and trails, or days or in conditions that a track/trail dog cannot pick up the scent.

Guard Dog Services
Our guard dogs can protect a wide variety of large outdoor and indoor areas at a very affordable cost, much lower than Security Guard Service.

  • GSD Puppy for Sale

    Our German Shepherd Puppies are cute, intelligent, very good blood line, and easy to train. All of our Puppies parents were Imported from Germany. All of our Puppies Registered in MKA(Malaysian Kennel Associasion)

  • Cute Puppies

    Our GSD Puppies were regularly bathed once in a two weeks. All of our puppies are vaccinated. All of our GSD Puppies are healthy, Intelligent, Cute and Easy to Train. Our Puppies comes out from Good and Healthy Blood line Parents.

  • Puppies Training

    German Shepherd Puppies are easy to train. With our Experienced Trainer, we can train your puppies and give you a good result. Basic Obedient and Bit work training will be provided to you Puppies. Based on Puppies age we can provide Training.

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