German Shepherd Puppies in Malaysia

Good GSD Puppies come from good GSD breeders. Good breeders strive to improve their breeds while considering canine health, temperament, training, and promoting responsible dog ownership. Part art, part science, and total devotion, breeding is exciting and challenging.

Breeding this magnificent breed is not a hobby or a weekend adventure for us, it is our full time job and our passion, a commitment of excellence, perfection with knowledge, a dedication that start with the breeder and our world class, top rated breeding stock of some of the best German Shepherds in Malaysia.

Our pure bred puppies are excellent in family environment, courageous character and the personality of our dog, must meet all phases of the sound temperament. As a reputable breeder we pride ourselves on offering you the best German shepherd puppy you can possibly get! This is not just talk, it is real, because we believe in our German shepherd breeding program, you should too!

History of German Shepherd Dogs

The German Shepherd is one of the most versatile dog and well-recognized dog breeds in the world. German Shepherds were originally used as herders and to guard flocks from predators, both being jobs they are well suited for. The German Shepherd Dog, named Queen of Switzerland, was first recognized as a member of the AKC herding group in 1908, although Max von Stephanitz and his colleague Arthur Meyer wrote the standard for the breed 9 years before in 1899. Some of the many uses for the German Shepherd today are K9 police dogs, military service, guide dog for the blind, and of course they are still awesome herding dogs!

The German Shepherd is a strong willed and highly intelligent dog. They have a very playful spirit, making it a great family pet. German Shepherds can be a bit wary of strangers, so early socialization with people is vital to curbing their suspicious nature. A born protector, the German Shepherd will provide a great sense of security for its family, while its loving and lively personality will make it fit right in as your loving companion.
  • GSD Puppy for Sale

    Our German Shepherd Puppies are cute, intelligent, very good blood line, and easy to train. All of our Puppies parents were Imported from Germany. All of our Puppies Registered in MKA(Malaysian Kennel Associasion)

  • Cute Puppies

    Our GSD Puppies were regularly bathed once in a two weeks. All of our puppies are vaccinated. All of our GSD Puppies are healthy, Intelligent, Cute and Easy to Train. Our Puppies comes out from Good and Healthy Blood line Parents.

  • Puppies Training

    German Shepherd Puppies are easy to train. With our Experienced Trainer, we can train your puppies and give you a good result. Basic Obedient and Bit work training will be provided to you Puppies. Based on Puppies age we can provide Training.

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